Teachnology: The iPad Piano Studio

This is my first post under a new category I am calling “Teachnology.” I have just finished reading The iPad Piano Studio, a book by Leila Viss stuffed with useful tips for piano teachers interested in easy-to-use technology.  Whether you own an iPad or not, if you’ve every wondered how this handy tablet device could benefit your studio, this book is for you. If you are imagining a dry manual for geeks, think again. Her focus is not so much on specialized aspects of technology (though how-to basics are covered) as it is on how the iPad can be used as a practical tool to enhance teaching. More than a review of apps (though her favorites are included), Leila shows us how to update outmoded music teaching tools (think flash cards, note readers, workbooks…) with the hand-held technology to which today’s wired students are accustomed. The book is user-friendly in … Read more…

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