Music for Advancing Piano Students

Ever notice how the wide range of music books available for lower level piano students suddenly drops off in the upper levels?  The reason, as any music publisher can tell you, is that entry level books sell better because beginners outnumber advanced students.  With a smaller market for challenging music by living composers, it’s logical for publishers to put most of their efforts into the “bottom of the pyramid.” That’s just capitalism 101. However, the unintended result is that advancing students have fewer repertory choices. Having been reared on the latest multi-style piano methods, supplemented by cool “kid” arrangements of movie themes and pop tunes,  students reach Book 5 and Wham! – the availability of contemporary music for their ability level becomes very limited.  That’s a problem for piano teachers because it’s part of our job to “move the carrot forward” by selecting just the right pieces that are achievable but still require … Read more…

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