Improvising is for Everyone

JoyMorinBradley Sowash: Joy Morin is a piano teacher in Bowling Green, Ohio (United States) who blogs about her adventures in piano teaching at  Recently, she reported on my presentation at the Ohio Music Teachers Association to which she obviously paid a great deal attention because she highlighted my major points quite accurately.

 Joy writes: For a number of years now, Mr. Sowash has been encouraging teachers to include creative skills (improvisation and composition) in their lessons.  For many years, teachers would respond to Mr. Sowash’s message saying they were certainly not interested in doing so.  However, things are changing: in recent years, teachers have begun agreeing with the premise that teaching off the page is just as important as teaching on the page.  Now, teachers are asking for information about HOW to do so.  Today’s presentation addresses this question about HOW to teach the skills for improvisation.  Continue reading…

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