In Praise of Anderson and Roe – Forrest Kinney

88 Creative Keys is thrilled and honored to welcome Forrest Kinney! The MTNA jazz/pop track made lasting connections; one of them? a wonderful new friendship with Forrest Kinney. As he continues his efforts towards the cause of creativity, and speaks and writes with such eloquence, it seemed logical that he contribute to 88 Creative Keys.  Here’s Forrest’s reaction to the Anderson and Roe concert on Tuesday evening at the MTNA Conference. Last night I attended a piano concert given by the duo of Anderson and Roe at the annual MTNA national conference.  It was one of the most enjoyable, energetic, and historically significant piano concerts I’ve ever experienced. What do I mean by historically significant? I’m not referring to the obvious point that these masterful and attractive young performers lend classical music a new “cool” factor.  No, they did something last night that I haven’t seen in my lifetime, something that hasn’t been done … Read more…

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